Butter Tarts

$2.50 $3.00

Get 6 for $12 or 12 for $20

We start with a flaky crust with a soft gooey filling. Our unique tarts are filled with a butter based caramel, dark brown sugar and a blend of spices. With a perfect set filling that cant be labeled as set nor runny.  We only use local butter, & locally milled flour in our tarts, there is no lard,  nor added oils in our product. each tart has hand formed shells.

Maple Butter tart is made out from maple syrup harvested by Oakridge's Finest.  

Check our maple syrup highlights on instagram where we make maple syrup with him.


* we can not be held responsible for spilled tarts on shipment, tarts are separately packed to ensure they don’t spill all over the order. Tarts may arrive damaged due to the shipping process*