About Us

    My name is Peter Maida. I am the founder and baker at Peter Piper’s Pastry Shoppe.  For as long as I can remember I have had the urge to cook. My oldest memories of cooking started with helping my Nonna in the kitchen, having a chair beside the stove learning at a young age.  Many years later I followed my dream and studied Culinary Arts.  After completing two degrees I founded Peter Piper’s Pastry Shoppe in February of 2012 at the age of 20.  
    Here we are 8 years later, finally with new our headquarters our business has room to grow and expand!  
Are HQ also is home to many other small businesses allowing them to grow in our space as we launched our kitchen rental services.  
Helping small business startup companies to grow, like Flourish Pancakes recipe designed in house, and Happy Baker Co cookie mixes.  
In 2018 we introduced our new 12 acre land in Vaughan and our 30+ acre farm in Caledon. 
     We will be working with our friends Bees Are Life to establish bee hives on our farm, giving us fresh honey right from our own land!  Hoping to plant berries and root vegetables like carrots and beets that we use in our loaves and other pastries.  All of our fruits and vegetables will be no spray and chemical free, grown organically and local!