Nerpy's Hot Sauce


We offer both Gold label & Red Label hot sauce.

Nerpy's Gold has a wonderful flavor that truly excites your taste buds.  The sauce is made from the most flavourful Scotch Bonnet peppers, mango juice, white vinegar and various spices. It is hot, but has a slight sweetness with hints of the mango juice and rum.  The sauce starts out nice and smooth on the tongue with a little sweetness from the vitamin-rich mango juice, then the Scotch bonnet pepper heat kicks in with it's full potent piquancy.

Nerpy’s Red Hot Sauce is a medium hot sauce with a powerful and rich flavor that will certainly  excite your taste buds. The Sauce is made from Red Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Pomegranate Juice, Red Wine Vinegar and various approved spices. Nerpy’s Red Hot truly captures and presents a succulent, spicy, bold flavor. Antioxidant and vitamin rich Pomegranate juice explodes on the tongue with a bit of sweetness and a little tartness.