Maple Syrup


Our maple syrup is as pure as you can buy.  One ingredient, sap.  In early March we tapped our first tree of the year. Since than we have more than 800 trees tapped in Ballantrae, Ontario.  About 45 minutes from Toronto.   The sap flows from the trees into small pails that we carry to the boiling sites across the sugar bush.  From there the sap is boiled over a wood fire and bottled, giving the syrup a light smoky aroma from the natural wood fire. 

  It takes 10,000 L of sap to make (1) 250 mL bottle of pure syrup

Check out our instagram story on maple syrup to watch the process of 2019. We've documented our days in the bush for you to see.  

Syrup grade: Dark Amber, Grade A

Our syrup is made alongside and bottled by Peter Simmons from Oakridges Finest.  Bottled in small batches.