KING Quad Pack

2.0 kg
$17.00 $21.00
Choices: One of each
Try all of the KING cookies 4 pack
* sale valid until Jan 18th  *
1.  The Original KING: a 10 ounce cookie, loaded with chocolate chunks, chips baked into our buttery & brown sugar rich cookie dough.  
2.  The Reese KING: an 8 ounce cookie stuffed with a KING SIZE reese cup, coated in chocolate chips and reeses pieces.  Baked into our peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough.
3. The Oreo Cookie KING:  a 8 ounce cookies n creme cookie stuffed with a few Herseys Cookies n Creme and Mega stuffed Oreo chunks.
4.  The Hostess KING:  a 8 ounce chocolatey cookie, stuffed with a Hostess Cupcake. 
*all cookies are weighted before baking to at least half of a pound. 
We ship Canada Wide by courier, Purolator - UPS - Fedex. All orders include tracking. 

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