Brioche Cinnamon Buns

Flavour: Cream Cheese

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Every Monday we roll out a fresh batch of cinnamon bun dough made in house.

Each order is proofed and baked to order and topped with cream cheese icing.  

Made with real cream cheese and vanilla.

We've got the best cinnamon buns!  Soft brioche dough buns filled with dark brown sugar, butter and spices.  Cream cheese icing is packed into a piping bag for easy use.

Please Read: the bottom of our cinnamon bun packaging is oven proof.  REMOVE the plastic lid and re bake to heat up.  Pan is safe to 375F.   Pan will burn in a toaster oven.  Lid goes back on for storage. Icing is packed into a piping bag, for easy use.

Buns can be frozen, on the same day they arrive as is.

Reheat in oven at 350F for 15-18 minutes. Or until warm throughout  


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